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This Cardiac Science Powerheart AED G5 Automatic External Defibrillator is simple to use with clear instructions for first time users. Simply turn on, apply pads and follow the voice prompts. The defibrillator monitors heart rhythms to deliver a shock only when necessary and gives guidance on correc..
This sterile St John Ambulance medium first aid dressing has a highly absorbent pad, which is designed to cushion the wound and provide protection from infection. Ideal for refilling first aid kits, this medium dressing measures 120 x 120mm and is supplied in a sterile plastic wrapping.Medium steril..
This sterile St John Ambulance large first aid dressing features highly absorbent padding, specifically is designed to cushion wounds and provide initial protection from infection. Ideal for refilling first aid kits, this large dressing measures 180 x 180mm and is supplied in a sterile plastic wrapp..
This St John Ambulance Eye Wash Kit contains 2 x 500ml bottles of eye wash solution, 2 x 20ml eye wash phials, 2 x no.16 eye pads, 1 mirror and 1 bracket for wall mounting. The kit comes in a tough ABS plastic case measuring W285 x D110 x H270mm. Conform to health and safety regulations by providing..
Simply squeeze this non-woven St John Ambulance Koolpak® to turn it cold in seconds, providing instant relief and treatment of bumps, bruises, strains and sprains. The pack is single use and disposable, making a perfect addition to your first aid kit at work or at home. The flexible design wraps aro..
This St John Ambulance Burnshield® Hydrogel burn dressing is designed to help treat superficial, partial or full thickness burns and scalds. The dressing moistens, soothes and cools the affected area from the moment of application and the open cell foam holds the gel in place and allows heat dissipa..
Ideal for kitchens, caterers and other food environments, these St John Ambulance Blue Plasters are both visually and electromagnetically detectable. The dressing is latex free, highly absorbent and designed not to stick to the wound site for increased comfort. Ideal for refilling first aid kits, ea..
Designed to aid the mobility impaired in the event of an emergency evacuation, this St John Ambulance Evacusafe Excel chair is lightweight, strong and features a simple, one step set-up. The chair has a wide seat, cushioned head rest, footrest, leg support strap and a full chest support strap with a..
These high quality St John Ambulance stretch fabric plasters are latex free, with high adhesion for minor wounds and injuries. Ideal for refilling your first aid kit, each plaster comes in a sterile plastic wrapping. This pack of 100 assorted sizes includes 2.5 x 7cm, 2 x 7cm, 4 x 4cm and 5 x 7.5cm ..
This St John Ambulance Finger Dressing has a highly absorbent pad that cushions small wounds and provides initial protection against infection. Ideal for refilling first aid kits, this finger dressing measures 35 x 35mm and is supplied in a sterile plastic wrapping.Finger dressing for refilling firs..
Written and authorised by the UK's leading first aid providers, and endorsed by St John Ambulance, St Andrew's First Aid and the British Red Cross, this 10th edition first aid manual is packed with step-by-step first aid advice. Used by many organisations as a first aid training guide, this bestsell..
This St John Ambulance Motor Vehicle First Aid Kit is medium sized for use in cars, taxis and commercial vehicles with 1 - 8 passengers. The kit contains 1 x Traumafix® dressing, 1 x medium dressing, 1 x triangular bandage, 10 x sterile cleansing wipes, 10 x washproof plasters, 2 pairs of large nitr..
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